Super Soapstone Cladding

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Super Soapstone Cladding: Recommendations for Laying Heat-Storing Stones


Super Soapstone cladding is used to improve the quality of steam and control the air temperature in the steam room. 20 mm thick soapstone or Serpentine slabs clad in Super Soapstone are installed 40–50 mm around the hot surfaces of a metal stove and direct the 300 °C hot air to the heat-storing stones (60–80 mm). The stones are placed on the top of a firebox and partially rely on the metal bar of a basket.

By moving the stones between the firebox and the soapstone cladding, you can regulate the passage of convection heat and, as such, the temperature in the steam room to your liking – high (up to 100 °C) or mild (40–60 °C). In the same way, you can regulate how quickly your steam room will heat up.

Soapstone is a shale (layered) rock, therefore, the soapstone heat-storing stones placed in a Super Soapstone cladding absorb the water sprayed onto them like a sponge. 5–7 mm deep inside the layered structure of a soapstone which was heated to 250–300 °C the water begins to boil and is finally emitted as finely dispersed superheated steam.

The Super Soapstone cladding regulates the heating speed and temperature in the steam room as well as increases the temperature of the heat-storing stones and, as such, the quality of the steam.
Attention: make sure that the heat-storing stones (60–80 mm) that block the convection air are placed only on the metal top of the stove and the stainless steel bar. This prevents the pressure of the heat-storing stones on the soapstone cladding.


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