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Having hands-on experience and extensive expertise, we build unique soapstone masonry heaters with excellent heat convection.

Our heaters store and release heat slowly during up to 24 hours. SAMPO heaters feature high-efficient technology and can heat a cooled down to -20 °C cottage in a mere half an hour to one hour. Using cheap electricity in the night hours, SAMPO heaters maintain daily room temperature at +5 °C and heat your cottage to +20 °C by the time you arrive.

We have designed ANNIKKI soapstone electric sauna heater which produces steam as good as a brick or a masonry sauna stove.

We are partners of Karelia’s administration, Petrozavodsk University, the Institute of Geology of the Karelian Research Center, and the United Institute of High Temperatures of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Over the past eight years ENERGORESURS has won numerous competitions under the auspices of the Russian Ministry of Science and Education, has registered 10 patents, and became a member of the Skolkovo Innovations Fund in 2012 (the first and, so far, the only manufacturer from Karelia). We employ many young talents with a good training background, and provide excellent production facilities.

ENERGORESURS and Karelia’s administration signed a contract on May 11, 2016, aiming to expand the production of heat-storing stoves and fireplaces in the Republic of Karelia.

Moreover, our company was externally acknowledged as the finalist in the Energy section of the Open Innovation Marketplace (OIMP) competition of the top 50 startups, winning in the section: Aligning Daily Electrical Load in the City’s Grid. This 33rd competition of the International Association of Science Parks and Areas of Innovation (IASP) was held in Moscow, on September 19–22, 2016, by the Moscow Department of Science, Industrial Policy and Entrepreneurship, Moscow Innovations Agency and the Spanish technology park La Salle Technova (Barcelona).


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In September 2012, Energoresurs LLC became a finalist of the competition of innovative projects in the field of electricity and heat generation at the Skolkovo Foundation, and in October 2012 a participant Skolkovo Foundation on projects related to the development and use of heating systems solid-state heat accumulators with a capacity of up to 100 kW and heat accumulators up to 200 MW.
European platform
On the European technology platform (http://een.ec.europa.eu/tools/services/SearchCenter/Search/ProfileSimpleSearch?shid=32db25cb-726f-43b0-8b5f-7742d0935799) the following products of Energoresurs LLC are presented:
Accumulator with air as agent and the capacity up to 100 kW. ZRC12712 28.10.2014/ TORU20141028004
Accumulator  with water as heating agent and the capacity up to 200 MW. ZRC12713 TORU20141111004
Heated by solid-phase heat accumulator  steam room. ZRC12583 TORU20141111005
Converting surplus wind energy for heating. ZRC12584 TORU20141111006






VNIIAES OJSC of Rosatom State Corporation LLC "Energoresurs-ste" Petrozavodsk State University The Russian Academy of Sciences
Joint Institute for High Temperatures


Work with partners:

  • Petrozavodsk State University
  • Kolenergosbyt OJSC
  • VNIIAES OJSC of Rosatom State Corporation
  • Joint work with the Joint Institute for High Temperatures of the Russian Academy of Sciences