Unlike stoves with long burning, which practically do not give heat at night, SAMPO WOOD BURNING STOVES accumulate enough heat during 1.5–2 hours of burning to keep the room warm throughout the night. There is no need to keep your stove burning during the night, fearing the unexpected release of carbon monoxide into the room, etc. They agree with us...


Due to convection, SAMPO STOVES AND FIREPLACES, like fireplaces with metal fireboxes and soapstone or other cladding, supply warm air into the room in a matter of minutes (from 5 to 30 minutes). However, fireplaces with a metal firebox can only be used as an additional source of heating since they accumulate heat for a maximum of 1.5 hours, even in case of soapstone cladding. Due to its high weight (up to 2,500 kg), SAMPO WOOD BURNING CONVECTION STOVES accumulate and transfer heat during 24 hours. The price of our SAMPO WOOD BURNING CONVECTION STOVE is the same or slightly higher than the price of a regular fireplace with soapstone cladding, and yet its benefits are obvious.

Fireplaces with metal fireboxes lined with chamotte accumulate heat for 1.5–3.5 hours. The amount of accumulated heat depends directly on weight: fireplaces with chamotte-lined metal fireboxes usually weigh 250–300 kg max, while the price is bit expensive. We offer cheaper versions of fireplaces with metal fireboxes that feature a grill with heat-accumulating stones (up to 400 kg) and air ducts (up to 3 pcs.) directing heat to other rooms. They agree with us...


Unlike many iron stoves, SAMPO WOOD BURNING CONVECTION STOVES give off heat during up to 24 hours, with only two heatings per day; they do not dry the air in the room, and there is no risk of burns when touching the shell. Our wood stoves are guaranteed to heat up area of up to 160 sq.m. (depending on a model). Apparently, large heated space claimed by the manufacturers of iron stoves imply the work of firemen who add firewood 24 hours a day. You can image how it impacts the service life of such stoves... They agree with us...


Electric heaters are affordable heating equipment today. But these devices give out heat only during operation – they are unable to accumulate heat. Given the price of electricity, that turns out to be quite expensive in the long run. We have designed TA-STOVE heat accumulator capable of heating a house of 160 sq.m., using firewood and cheaper night-hour electricity. The night-hour price of electricity is 3–5 times cheaper than the daily one, depending on the region. The TA-STOVE heat accumulator accumulates enough heat from electricity during the night to keep a house warm throughout a day. The time and degree of space heating can be set by program or remotely.

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If a stove with a firebrick firebox was cooled down, you can’t heat it up again quickly. For the stoves that were kept idle long enough, it takes more than 24 hours to heat it up if doing it slow and right. Our SAMPO WOOD BURNING STOVES begin to supply warm air already in 5–25 minutes (depending on a model) – in contrast to the stoves made of ceramic bricks, which transfer heat to the room only after 1.5–2 hours and have a lower heat capacity.

Having the same power as a firebrick stove, SAMPO WOOD BURNING STOVES have a weight of 3 times less and take up much less space. The price of a firebrick stove is significantly higher than that of a SAMPO WOOD BURNING STOVE, with similar heating parameters. Assembling a firebrick stove requires a professional, while SAMPO WOOD BURNING STOVE can be assembled by yourself. They agree with us...


Unlike Finnish stoves, the design of SAMPO WOOD BURNING STOVES begin to supply warm air already in 5–25 minutes (depending on a model) due to convection channels. Stoves with a soapstone firebox (Finnish) that have been kept in a cold room for some time cannot be heated up quickly because the soapstone quickly absorbs moisture at low temperatures, which slows down the heating-up process in the rooms where the temperature is not continuously maintained.

SAMPO WOOD BURNING STOVES have chamotte-lined fireboxes, which do not absorb moisture and can be heated-up quickly (e.g., you can heat-up your cottage on Fridays, despite that it was kept cooled throughout a week). Like Finnish stoves, SAMPO WOOD BURNING STOVES can give off heat during up to 24 hours due to their weight. The price of our SAMPO WOOD BURNING STOVES is much cheaper than the Finnish ones. They agree with us... EnergoResurs-T

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