PRESIDENT Sauna Heater with Masonry Firebox

A sauna heater with a masonry firebox, suitable for steam room space from 15 to 45 cubic meters. Has a similar effect as (smoke) sauna masonry stoves.

A metal box for heat-accumulating stones is located inside the masonry stove and does not come into contact with convection air entering the steam room. This prevents carcinogens in the steam room, which is typical for stoves with a metal firebox.

Due to the elongated firebox, this heater heats up a steam room as quick as a metal stove, but maintains the heat longer. Our sauna heaters with masonry firebox CONSIDERABLY SURPASS the leading steel or cast iron sauna stoves due to the comfortable dry heat emitted by the stones, unlike red-hot iron, as well as due to their relatively small size (comparing to (smoke) sauna masonry stoves), quick heating time, the amount of produced steam, and the ecological safety.

 Bath with fireclay
in white

*All sauna heater solutions with masonry firebox are patented



Summary table of characteristics of SAMPO Sauna stoves with a stone furnace


IR-emitter   doors on white


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