ANNIKKI electric sauna heaters are made of natural talc stone only, which boasts high heat capacity, thermal conductivity and resistance to destruction, including during temperature ups and downs. The metal components are hidden from the heating area.

The electric heating components (coils) in ANNIKKI electric sauna heaters are fully immersed in the talc stone slab and do not come in contact with the air of the steam room.

Due to the special design and electric heating of the talc stone, ANNIKKI electric sauna heater provides the steam room with more than 80 percent of energy as IR flow with mostly medium waves (50-10 µm) dubbed as “rays of life”.

Due to radiant energy from the stone case of ANNIKKI electric sauna heater, it is enough to heat the air in the sauna only to 70 °C (in summer the best temperature is 40-50 °C, in winter 60-70 °C). Yet, ANNIKKI electric sauna heater can raise the temperature in the steam room to 110 °C and above.

IR rays not only heat up the surface of the body, but due to deep penetration (up to 60 mm), give up most of energy to the blood, lymph, fluids, internal organs and tissues.

The steam system of ANNIKKI electric sauna heater helps to adjust steam from overheated to wet. The steam room with ANNIKKI electric sauna heater has no smell of carcinogens (burnt oxygen) from burnt organic dust when the air comes into contact with coils and metal surfaces heated to 700 °C.

IR thermal radiation from the high-heated stone surface is much more efficient than that from conventional ironclad electric heaters or metal bath stoves.

In a sauna with a conventional heater, one needs 110 °C and above to warm up with hot air only.

In addition, lowering sauna temperature, on average, to 60 °C (vs. 100 °C) helps to cut energy 1.5-2-fold. The coils in ANNIKKI electric sauna heaters are protected from any water, which significantly extends their service life


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