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ANNIKKI COMFORT specifications:



Comfort 3-6

Comfort 3-7

Comfort 3-8

Comfort 3-9

Coil number

pcs. 3 3 3 3



6 7 8 9


V 220/380 220/380 380 380


mm 460 460 460 460


mm 380 380 380 380


mm 900 900 900 900


kg 220 220 220 220

Steam room volume


6-9 7-11 8-12 9-15

Average steam room area


3-4,5 3-5 4-6 5-8

Steam room min. height

mm 1 800 1 800 1 800 1 800

ANNIKKI electric sauna heaters are made of natural talc stone, which boasts high heat capacity, thermal conductivity and resistance to destruction.

Shale rock – talc stone – absorbs water supplied to evaporators like a sponge. Water boils 5-7 mm deep in the layered structure of talc stone heated to 250-300 °C and comes out as fine superheated steam.

The energy of rays from ANNIKKI electric sauna heater makes it unnecessary to heat up the sauna to 100 °C and above. The air heated to 50-70 °C and the energy of rays make it comfy to relax in the sauna.

IR rays not only heat up the surface of the body, but due to deep penetration, boost the body's quantum energy potential, brings energy to the blood, lymph, fluids, internal organs and tissues. More details...

In addition, the coils are covered with talc stone, air does not pass through them and there is no sensation of dryness, or, as bath connoisseurs say, burnt oxygen.

Considering high specific gravity of talc stone (2.5 times more than that of brick) and high heat capacity (4-5 times more), 9 kW 220kg ANNIKKI TEK-3 electric sauna heater is comparable to a sauna heater made of brick and a bathhouse with no chimney.

* – the offer is valid if you purchase ANNIKKI Optima or ANNIKKI Comfort sauna heater